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Blizzard’s Diablo plans at BlizzCon 2017

We already know that there’s not much for Diablo this year but there are a couple of things if you’re interested. It’s probably not worth the price of a Virtual ticket if Diablo is all you’re interested but there’s at least something including a “convention-exclusive Diablo III experience” if you’re attending.

[BLUE]Heading to the con? You might have noticed we’re setting up a small demo area this year right at the front of the main floor! Swing by and try out our convention-exclusive Diablo III experience! Something strange stirs just inside the gates of New Tristram. . . . Choose your favorite nephalem hero and find out what lies in store in this unique, one-off adventure![/BLUE]

This sounds intriguing but is probably more cut content planned for an expansion that will never happen now. Still, could be fun if you’re attending.

[BLUE]This year, we’ll be diving into the specifics behind the VFX of the Necromancer live on stage! Join our developers on the Heroic stage on Friday, November 3 at 2:45 p.m. PT to learn more about the dark magic of visual effects needed to bring the necromancer, mastery of the dead, and curses to un-life and even see some of the techniques we use in action.[/BLUE]

Following that, there is some community chat thing talking about creating “content” for Diablo where the focus is on streamers and youtubers. That is apparently the sum total of the what makes up the Diablo community as far as Blizzard and most other developers are concerned these days. Sad but true.

You can read the full post from Blizzard here.