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Blizzard continues to tweak Diablo 3 2.6.1 PTR

It looks like the Diablo 3 2.6.1 PTR will be coming to an end soon based on comments posted today and now final tweaks are going in place.

[BLUE]I’d like to clarify (and redirect to the Dev Chronicles again, if you haven’t read them) that additional, new changes are highly unlikely at this stage of development. Tweaks to items, skills, or sets we’ve already made changes to are much more in line with our current goals for the next PTR patch (many of which are already locked in so we can generate the next build and make sure it’s functional).

Patch notes are still being finalized, but there are tweaks going both up and down for various items that were improved over the course of PTR. Everything will still wind up being an overall net buff, but some numbers will be lower than they have been on past PTR patches. ‘Tis the nature of tuning, after all!

It should bring the best performing sets pretty darn close to one another. I’m really looking forward to seeing class performance after this next round of tweaks! [SOURCE][/SOURCE][/BLUE]

There has been plenty of change suggestions from the community which will hopefully carry over to future updates but it looks like things are being nailed down now.