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Blizzard addresses Rogue Twisting Blades cooldown reduction

Players not convinced it’s doing what is should be doing, Devs try and clear up any confusion.

Blizzard addresses Rogue Twisting Blades cooldown reduction

There’s a bit of a debate going on at the moment as Rogue players are frustrated that the cooldown reduction on Twisting Blades is not working as expected.

A thread kicked off discussing and theorising about what is actually happening with Twitsting Blades and players feel this is game-breaking for Rogue. This evening Pez dropped an update after the dev team took a look at what’s supposedly happening:

So the design team looked into it – just a quick note from them below.

A note from them:

Previously Advanced Twisting Blades was granting its maximum Cooldown reduction for each of its casts while hitting far fewer targets than intended. After the latest bug fix the amount of Cooldown reduction per target hit, as well as the maximum Cooldown reduction per cast of Twisting Blades, matches its tooltip.

  • There has been no change in Advanced Twisting Blades’ interaction with Bladedancer’s Aspect. There’s an intentional lack of synergy as they both activate when Twisting Blades returns.
  • There is no cap to how much Cooldown reduction a single Skill can gain from Advanced Twisting Blades while it is recharging. Additional casts of Twisting Blades hitting many targets will continue to reduce a Skill’s Cooldown.
  • We are investigating concerns of Twisting Blades failing to return to the player and not granting any of its Cooldown reduction.

So that’s the final word on this at the moment but it’s left a lot of Rogue plater perplexed and more than unhappy.


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