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Community Support – Vang’s Adventurers of Combat & Quest! Intro Edition


This week our very own Vang launched his first Kickstarter for his new RPG Adventurers of Combat & Quest! Here’s a message from Vang on his project and if you can help, chip in and get the Kickstarter over the line.

I launched my Kickstarter on the 20th for an RPG I designed, Adventurers of Combat & Quest! Intro Edition.  Think of it as a large demo for a game until the final version is released, with the first journal, or module, having players play from level 1-4 with the ability to do custom encounters to continue leveling (or make your own journal).  It also has a solo mode as well; no friends required some nights.

It is an approximate 60-page pdf only priced at $4USD for the base, unless you want to develop something such as a cool unique item, monster, or a boss with the majority of those funds going directly to the artist to draw up the creation.

The game is heavily loot-based as your skills will only take you so far.  The better your loot with randomized prefixes and suffixes that better your ability to fight.  Sounds quite a bit like Diablo 2…which was a heavy inspiration if you could not guess.


If you’re into that kind of thing, take a look and toss a pledge!

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