About PureDiablo

PureDiablo is the latest project from the team that kicked off internet coverage of the Diablo franchise way back in 1997.

The site founders Elly and Rush have been building gaming communities for more 25 years. Both founders have worked in the videogame industry for more than two decades in multiple roles including marketing, sales, development, and community building.

Both have also been involved in creating multiple videogame communities whether it be for PC gaming or specific gaming titles over the years.  Their love for the Diablo franchise continues today with PureDiablo which is their latest passion project dedicated to the upcoming Diablo 4 release.

PureDiablo’s vibrant community is what makes it a special place for followers of the franchise and it’s the community that plays a large part in how PureDiablo develops. With expert opinion, articles, news, and guides, PureDiablo strives to provide the community with the most accurate and detailed information as possible.