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A Closer Look at Diablo Resurrected Wands, Staves and Spears

We continue our look at the weapon models and today it’s Diablo 2 Resurrected Wands, Staves, and Spears.

We have almost come to the end of the run for the weapon model videos which we’ve been posting up on our Youtube channel over the past few weeks. This is the penultimate video with only swords left to go.

With the game hitting Beta in August, we’ll take another look at some of these and see what, if any, have been changed since the Alpha. Some of the models we’ve seen for the weapons have been amazing and there’s probably not a lot for the dev team to tweak now.

If you enjoy these then please do subscribe to our Youtube channel. We’ve had some great comments from the community on these videos so thanks to everyone who has been posting their thoughts.

Watch the Diablo Resurrected Wands, Staves and Spears Video



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